wow, not been on here since May, we need to do something about that ;o)


Little Owl Bag

Pretty little bag, waddayouthink??

Greetings from Hartland……*waves*

…more to follow, once all those bastard boxes are unpacked, but wanted to let you know that we still exist!!!

Little Miss Makes

LYB is still floating about, as is the gorgeous granny square mega blanket for the new house so I am pretty busy!  Also added to the list, I am making gifts for Fin’s school teacher & TA, as he is leaving this week to go to a new school once we have moved.  Anyway, will be filling this with yummy chocolates as a ‘thank you’….for putting up with my truculent, stroppy, bossy, anal but lovable child!!!


And……as I would appear to avoiding packing I have started this:


it will be a little dress to Little Miss TooLittle…..


I might not be doing much on the LYB at the moment, but by crikey I still have that hook in my hand!  This is what I am filling my time with:

She will be for my beautiful Little Miss TooLittle, hopefully for her new bedroom in our new house!!

THE SHOES…….!!!!

Can’t not dedicate an entire post to my new shoes……

I probably won’t wear them with the socks on the night…..they are really, really, really, really pretty!!!

And So To Feb…….

February…..the month of my birth, and there is a milestone birthday this year (oh holy fuck…..I *am* getting old *sad face*)

As I managed to string out my last milestone birthday for about a week, I am going to follow tradition, and make it a month to remember!  Hopefully (fingers firmly crossed) we will have news soon that will mean it will be quite a busy month.  As far as the blanket is concerned, I am really, really, REALLY excited about February.  Each week is going to represent a decade of my life so far, I am going to mark and honour events, people and special memories throughout my years.  Each square will have a name, some obvious, some not so much *insert winkey face*!!!  It’s going to be full of fun & love & smiles & giggles & I know that I am going to be remembering some wicked stuff whilst I sit with my hook & yarn!!

I have already purchased my black, purple & turquoise yarn, ready for the Goth years, and tomorrow I shall visit the local ‘yarnary’ for my orange, white & blue yarn…..good old Luton Town FC (did you know they were in the top flight when I started watching them…that the Premiership as it is now…I know, who’d ‘ave thunk it huh???!!!!)

Anyway, to start February, here is a photo of Baby Lala……

Awwwwww……such a sweetie!!!!!

First three squares now done:

These are (L-R):

‘Bunny’ – my first childhood toy….I still have him, and think he started off in these colours.  Now he is reddish grey, tatty, covered in patches & stitches from both my wonderful Nan & Nana.  He is still much, much loved xxx

‘Brownie Lala’ – I was an Imp!!!!  That is all!

‘Nan & Grandad’s Garden’ – there was always so much colour, my Nan was really into her flowers, my Grandad had the BEST veggie patch…..I loved that garden.    These are colours that I associate with it, and with my much loved, and so missed Nan.  A very emotional square……dedicated to two wonderful, loving, amazing Grandparents…..I still miss you everyday xxxx

Nan & Grandad's many summer days, I miss you both xxxxx

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