*shoves tumbleweed aside*……well Helllooooooooooo, I’m back!!!

I have been busy…busy…BUSY!!!  Since my last post I have managed quite a few little squares for Feb, and even started on March!!  AND…..managed to buy a house!!!  Anyway, before we peak at those darn squares…..

I had such a fantastic birthday, I want to note a few things that will always raise a smile when I look back…..

  • seeing Tim Henman in what will be our new local!
  • karaoke & wild hair
  • making some really lovely smellies at Rowan Tree Studio with some fabulous friends
  • Casie’s cakes!
  • the DJ playing my dodgy tunes……I don’t know if ‘The Dore’ was really ready for ‘Where’s Me Jumper’!!
  • Shoes…..fucking amazing shoes
  • my gorgeous Husband presenting me with bling at last!
  • dancing with my amazing Dad to ‘our song’
  • dancing on the seats
  • poor Mr H having to roll me home…. 5 minute walk took him an hour
  • *sing-song*…’I’m avin’a wee’….
  • my persistant request for cheese on toast when I got home…apparently!
  • finding a traffic cone on my doorstep the following morning, from lovely Tina xx
  • being generally spoilt & very much loved by all my lovely family all weekend
  • floating through the actual day, on Sambuca fumes & smiles!

So birthdays aside, back to the blanket and a few new squares.  Lets’s start with March…any clues as to exactly what has inspired these squares…???!!!

I will give you a clue, it started an interesting debate on one of my ‘Stitch and Bitch’ groups on Facebook, with divided opinions regarding a hot Gardener & an ex-olympian lookalike!!!!

And progress has been made with pesky February, with a few new offerings:

We have ‘The dress’…..a pretty close match to the beautiful Lipsy dress I wore for my party, all blue and sparkly just like my shoes:

Ode to Dr. Marten…….:

In Bedford we had this great shop, tucked away from town centre, called C A Williams, I don’t even know if it’s still there but it was a bit like an army surplus/reject shop, and they stocked faulty or 2nd hand Docs……and I paid them shiny money on a regular basis and walked out of their shop with beautiful boots….alot!!

The Wedding:

12th June 2004……12 weeks after deciding to get married (ok, we didn’t technically decide, the blue line on a pregnancy test pushed things along a bit….but that’s another,sadder story), on a beautiful sunny day, I married my Mr H.  Simple Registry Office ceremony, then we all headed off to the beach where we tucked into pasties, strawberries & Pimms, sat in the sunshine, chilled, had a game of rounders….bliss.  Then off go party amongst the fairy lights and sweet shop favours, before ending the night drinking good champagne, under the stars on Clovelly Harbour.  I would do it all again tomorrow, one of the moment epic days EVER!!!

If I can bear to take my scissors to it, I might add a tiny bit of my veil to this square xx

Cherry Reds……a bit of an abstract representation of a time & person in my life:

Good, happy memories, Sparky I hope you are healthy, happy & occassionally think back and smile, as I do xxx

Burnham on Sea:

Ahhhh Man, did you ever have one of those perfect weekends, that you remember back to often, that at the time you wished would never end??!!  Well I’ve been lucky to have more than a few of those, but Burnham on Sea will always be one of the most special weekends ever.  Mr H and I drove up on a Friday night and stayed in the annexe of an amazing little hotel, converted from an old railway station.  We had been together for three or four months, so were more than begining to fall in love, able to feel comfortable with each other, but still making an effort!!!

Saturday was spent on Wells beach, Chris in a t-shirt in the  lovely early spring sunshine (it was just before my birthday), we must have walked for miles, giggling, stopping for kisses & cuddles….alot, just amazing, then chips that we let go cold, bubbly and a cosy evening.  We woke up on Sunday morning to a blanket of crisp snow….beautiful.  Off to the pub to sit in front of the fire for breakfast, then fresh mussels and chunky bread in another little pub for late lunch.  I can just remember feeling so happy that weekend, thank you Mr H xxx


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