Return of the LYB Mojo…..??

So we survived it, and it didn’t hurt at all……in fact I had a brilliant time!!

But what about the blanket??  Seems to have become lost by the wayside a little, so, rejigging my thoughts and plans, and va-va-voooooming that mojo!!

February was always going to be a toughie, reflective, thought evoking, emotional….hellfire, it has already been that, and then some!  So, it takes time to reflect on one’s past life, and it should not be something that is rushed.  I want it to be organic, to grow & progress naturally, not to be rushed and cobbled together.  Thus Feb’s squares will continue in conjunction with the rest of the year….much happier now that has been decided, and it appears to have cleared my ‘block’!!

March will therefore commence shortly…..

NB…to give me a little push start there just *might* be yarn post heading my way ;o)


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