Fear Not…and an ode to the 30’s….

….we have not fallen off the edge of the Earth, we are still here, alive & kicking!!

Busy making plans for my upcoming, ever looming birthday weekend….mon familé arrive on Friday.   I’m still trying to kick off those last few lbs before I have to squeeze into a posh frock on Saturday night, aswell as preening, plucking, squeezing, trimming and generally ‘prepping’ for the big party.  Typically I have a fuck off, great big, teenage pimple right on my chin….attractive.com, and there are a million nasty bugs going around that I am trying to avoid at all costs.

LYB wise, nowt happening to be honest!!  Well, not physically anyway.  During my party prep I have been trying to put together a song list and have discovered ‘Spotify’…..my list currently stands at 300+ which any DJ will struggle to fit into a 5 hour slot, even in The Royal with it’s free and easy closing times!  Anyhoo, I have unearthed some total, nostalgia ridden gems, and have been listening all day every day to many sounds from my past.  It has given me a bit of a memory boost, so I will soon have those bastard teenage years solved!

I might even do a couple of squares tonight, just because I can!  Mostly though, I will be very pissed for the next few days, pissed or dancing, neither of which are particularly conducive to weilding a crochet hook & yarn.  Even I know that would not be big, or clever.

So……..see you the other side, probably!!  Bye Bye 30’s, you’ve been a fucking blast!!!


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