‘The Green’

So…we all had a ‘green’, didn’t we?  You know, that little patch of grass that all the kids in the neighbourhood used to play on??!  That magic patch of grass that became anywhere you wanted it to be….America, the jungle, space, the school playground, a treasure island…..the place you perhaps first rode a bike, fell over alot, learnt naughty words from the bad kids in the hood! This is my ‘green’:

I don’t remember it actually being littered with pretty little daisies…but I think artistic licence must allow some ‘prettying up’ along the way!!!

Our ‘green’ was just a few doors down from our house, directly outside my Nan & Grandad’s.  I can remember getting out of my Grandad’s car one afternoon & wandering across the green to be met by the rest of my family, and a toddling Jemma…..she had been busy learning to walk whilst we were out!!

It’s a car park now *sad face*

I would desperately love for my children to have a ‘green’.  Somewhere safe they can just head out to when they are a little bit older, just far enough away from the house & my eyes to feel that little bit of independence, but close enough that I can peep out every so often, or hear them if needs be.  Somewhere they can hang out with the other children, play football, roller skate (ok, perhaps not Zee……that would be farking barking, who in their right mind would give that Dude wheels??!!)

Actually, it has just occurred to me that right across the road we have a great park!!  So if we stay in this house, that will be their very own ‘green’….

Hmpppphhhhh….their’s is better, it has climby trees & bushes you can wee behind.


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