Lala….The Early Years continued….

So, I’ve had a few days off, that seems to be the pattern I follow when working, but I will catch up over the next few days.  I had an amazing day yesterday.  I went to a crochet session at the Rowan Tree Studio in Higher Clovelly, got to sit in the warm, on the squishiest sofa ever, watching and listening to the rain, hook in hand…lush!  Sue, the course tutor also donated a square for the LYB, which will definitely appear! Sometimes, just an hour or two away from the house having some proper ‘Lala’ time with real other adults is a real tonic!

As an aside, take a look at Sarah’s website and see what fantastic sessions, courses, craft days and even holidays she has to offer.  We are off to do the bath bombs, sugar scrubs, boby butter workshop on my birthday…..and the cookies were TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!

Anyway… the LYB!  Managed three squares yesterday, and pretty pleased with them:

So, top is ‘Amethyst’, with my date of birth….

Obviously there is a major error in there…the year should be ‘1982’…I’ll fix that later *cough*

Next we have ‘Silver Jubilee’…I *love* the colours in this:

I can distinctly remember all the red, white and blue in the street, and the party that we went to at Digswell Park in Shefford.  Alison (my elder sister) and I came third in the three legged race and our prize was a Union Jack rubber….cool!!!  I guess Mum must have been pretty pregnant with Jemma (my younger sister) at the time.

And *reaches for tissues*…this is ‘Tiptoes’:

Tiptoes, or Tippy as he was known, was indeed a very mischievous kitten!  He was funny as fuck really, with a mental streak!!  He used to hide behind things, particularly the full clothes horse on the landing, and if you dared venture across in the dead of night he would leap out and sink his claws and teeth into your leg!!  Not funny at the time, and the look in his eye was one not dissimilar to that of an axe murderer!!  On the whole he was a gorgeous, affectionate, very very much loved family pet, but you didn’t cross him…..he definitely had a flip side!!  Dad had found him as a kitten, in the wild grasses close to the cricket club at Southill Park…so it was probably his feral streak coming out to play.  I like to think that the soul of Tippy (the feral bit at least) lives on in Zee!!  Is it just a matter of time until he starts to hide out in the middle of the night, and hurl himself upon unsuspecting midnight wanderers, on their way for a quick, innocent wee……??!

I have really started to find the memories flooding back during this…it is incredible what is stored away up there *taps head*….lovely xx


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  1. dawn
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:49:40

    lovely :o)


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