Fear Not…and an ode to the 30’s….

….we have not fallen off the edge of the Earth, we are still here, alive & kicking!!

Busy making plans for my upcoming, ever looming birthday weekend….mon familé arrive on Friday.   I’m still trying to kick off those last few lbs before I have to squeeze into a posh frock on Saturday night, aswell as preening, plucking, squeezing, trimming and generally ‘prepping’ for the big party.  Typically I have a fuck off, great big, teenage pimple right on my chin….attractive.com, and there are a million nasty bugs going around that I am trying to avoid at all costs.

LYB wise, nowt happening to be honest!!  Well, not physically anyway.  During my party prep I have been trying to put together a song list and have discovered ‘Spotify’…..my list currently stands at 300+ which any DJ will struggle to fit into a 5 hour slot, even in The Royal with it’s free and easy closing times!  Anyhoo, I have unearthed some total, nostalgia ridden gems, and have been listening all day every day to many sounds from my past.  It has given me a bit of a memory boost, so I will soon have those bastard teenage years solved!

I might even do a couple of squares tonight, just because I can!  Mostly though, I will be very pissed for the next few days, pissed or dancing, neither of which are particularly conducive to weilding a crochet hook & yarn.  Even I know that would not be big, or clever.

So……..see you the other side, probably!!  Bye Bye 30’s, you’ve been a fucking blast!!!



I might not be doing much on the LYB at the moment, but by crikey I still have that hook in my hand!  This is what I am filling my time with:

She will be for my beautiful Little Miss TooLittle, hopefully for her new bedroom in our new house!!

So Far….

So, I’m still struggling with this at the moment, and have taken a bit of a break for a few days, but these are the squares I have done:

We have ‘turquoise  & bluebells’…a reminder of someone I once knew!

This is my ‘Goth Years’…such a special time!!

Simply ‘Nana’:

And this is my ‘Luton Town Football Club’.  I went to my first match on New Years Day 1984, when we lost 3-2 to Nottingham Forest…and there began the longest, roughest, (I could say least fulfilling but actually that might not be true!) troubled love affair of my life!

There *will* be more to add, in a few days hopefully, once I have my LYB mojo back!


As the title says, I  am really struggling with my teenage years, which is quite poignant in inself!  I have managed four squares quite easily, and have at least another 2-3 that I have happily in mind.  But I am really finding it hard to come up with events/people from that time in my life that I particularly want to honour within my lovely blanket.  I did not enjoy my teenage years, I didn’t really understand ‘me’, and was definitely not comfortable in my own skin.  I was awkward, stupid, tactless, stroppy, selfish & very very confused.

My upper school years, looking back, were hideous, and I cannot find one single reason for their inclusion.  I made some really rubbish choices, especially with the people that I allowed to influence me, and didn’t believe in myself enough.  As a result I achieved very little, especially academically, where I could have achieved so much.  Events happened that I don’t want to dwell on, and I allowed my life to be governed by too many other, unimportant factors.

I have so much to teach my children about that time of their life, predominantly how NOT to do it!!  Will they listen……will they fuck, I didn’t!!!  Will they take my advise on board and follow it?  Unlikely, as again I ignored any well meaning words….took them as personal criticism, after all, the whole world was against me.  If nothing else, just typing this out has really helped to cleanse a lot of bad, negetive memories.  The whole world was NOT against me, I was merely against the whole world.

And Dad, 26 years after our little heart to heart in a layby near Chicksands, I can safely declare that you were right, but if you so  much as think about muttering  an ‘I told you so’, we will make you drink that dodgy cooking wine again, I’m damn sure we can unearth a bottle!!

Finally, to my amazing parents…I’m sorry, I love you both so much.


Week 1 squares…..

All together:

Just need to be joined & finished off, then it’s time for week 2, the Teenage years….mwah…ha…ha….ha….ha…….*slinks off to slam a few doors, dye hair burgundy & pierce own ears*



Sisterly Love…..

My last 1972-1982 square, I was toying with a few different ideas and decided on this:

It is the initials of my sisters and I, intertwined……sweet x

Oh Lordy….what the actual fuck is that????!!!

Hooty egg cosy……is it just me or does he look more than a little unhinged????!!!

I almost don’t want to be left alone in the room with it!!!!!

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