And So To Feb…….

February…..the month of my birth, and there is a milestone birthday this year (oh holy fuck…..I *am* getting old *sad face*)

As I managed to string out my last milestone birthday for about a week, I am going to follow tradition, and make it a month to remember!  Hopefully (fingers firmly crossed) we will have news soon that will mean it will be quite a busy month.  As far as the blanket is concerned, I am really, really, REALLY excited about February.  Each week is going to represent a decade of my life so far, I am going to mark and honour events, people and special memories throughout my years.  Each square will have a name, some obvious, some not so much *insert winkey face*!!!  It’s going to be full of fun & love & smiles & giggles & I know that I am going to be remembering some wicked stuff whilst I sit with my hook & yarn!!

I have already purchased my black, purple & turquoise yarn, ready for the Goth years, and tomorrow I shall visit the local ‘yarnary’ for my orange, white & blue yarn…..good old Luton Town FC (did you know they were in the top flight when I started watching them…that the Premiership as it is now…I know, who’d ‘ave thunk it huh???!!!!)

Anyway, to start February, here is a photo of Baby Lala……

Awwwwww……such a sweetie!!!!!

First three squares now done:

These are (L-R):

‘Bunny’ – my first childhood toy….I still have him, and think he started off in these colours.  Now he is reddish grey, tatty, covered in patches & stitches from both my wonderful Nan & Nana.  He is still much, much loved xxx

‘Brownie Lala’ – I was an Imp!!!!  That is all!

‘Nan & Grandad’s Garden’ – there was always so much colour, my Nan was really into her flowers, my Grandad had the BEST veggie patch…..I loved that garden.    These are colours that I associate with it, and with my much loved, and so missed Nan.  A very emotional square……dedicated to two wonderful, loving, amazing Grandparents…..I still miss you everyday xxxx

Nan & Grandad's many summer days, I miss you both xxxxx


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dawn
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 14:49:12

    what a lovely idea xx


  2. Janette
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 06:28:45

    Happy birthday, blanket is looking great!!!


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