Where It All Started….Emily’s Blanket

So my lovely friend Suzie had a beautiful baby girl a week before Christmas…YAY!!!  I knew I wanted to make something, I started a scarlet red hat, which I might even finish at some point but decided that whilst I *LOVE* red on LMT, it isn’t to everyone’s taste…especially on a newborn.

Having mastered the art of the granny square during my crochet course at Craftihands, Bideford, I decided to just try a few squares and see what happened….and before I knew it I had the makings of a beautiful blanket for Emily Edie…..

Which grew…..


I cannot tell you just how much I enjoyed making this…choosing the next colours to crochet together, then trying to arrange them all.  I am so pleased with how it turned out….

and LMT was quite impressed…

and at last, after being blocked, it was ready to be parcelled up & sent to a lovely new home…

I won’t lie though, I was bricking it that Suzie wouldn’t like it…..I was pretty sure she would but then an element of  ‘but what if she doesn’t like handmade stuff’ crept in.  I needn’t have worried though, I had a completely lovely text when she received it, and an equally lovely ‘thank you’ note yesterday telling me that she was using it already!!

YAY!!  And so the addiction began….



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