The LYB – January……In The Begining There Was CARNAGE!!!!

Well there is nothing like planning…..and I planned nothing!!  The method went something like this:

a) Pick up a hook, owt will do…..

b) Pick up some yarn, as above

c) Pick a pattern, as above & above


So my first few squares were born….

As a typical Piscean, I of course needed somewhere pretty to put my completed squares…..shame I had to eat a fuck load of gingerbread first!!

And then there were three……

Now, there is a bit of a story behind the hexagon, it was meant to be a square, but I was engrossed in Celeb Big Brother & got carried away with my sides….et voilá…

So after a few days I had a little collection….

And of courss needed some extra literature, for reference of course (not just to look at the pretty pictures)…*cough*

And with the help of my lovely new books I was able to get ahead of myself for a few days

The Dream Weaver….now this has fast become probably my favourite pattern, but fuck me it took some working out!!  So much so there is a whole post dedicted to it!  So here they are, finished at last

As I work part time, one week on one off in the evenings and at weekends, already I am finding that on working weeks I just don’t seem to find the time to do all, or sometimes any of my squares.  Last week I worked….this poor, single, solitary square was all I could muster up.

But somehow we have managed to limp our way through the first three weeks, with roughly the right amount of random squares, to this point….

The theory now is that each week will result in a ‘block’, something nice & regular shaped so that the whole blanket can fit together at the end.   Week 1 is the only one so far finished though….

BUT….I do have another sparkly tin, a pretty box, another book and a notebook to donate to the project!!!  :oD


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