The Bastard Dream Weaver…..When a Square is NOT a Square

It’s a really good job this was worth the time & effort it took to decifer the pattern, but this was a proper challenge.  I followed the pattern, as I read it, but end up with something that was definitely NOT square:

So….I frogged it back, and tried again, but this time I got something that resembled a weird cup.  I didn’t take a pic, it was *that* bad!  So, I got online to my lovely Facebook friends, and tried to figure out where it went wrong, and after a bit of tooing & froing, lots of ‘fucks’ and ‘buggers’, I cracked it….

And having cracked it once, I had to check I could do it again…

and again!!  Hooked?  Moi?

Dream Catcher Pattern – 0    Lala – 3

Have that….!!!


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