And So To Feb…….

February…..the month of my birth, and there is a milestone birthday this year (oh holy fuck…..I *am* getting old *sad face*)

As I managed to string out my last milestone birthday for about a week, I am going to follow tradition, and make it a month to remember!  Hopefully (fingers firmly crossed) we will have news soon that will mean it will be quite a busy month.  As far as the blanket is concerned, I am really, really, REALLY excited about February.  Each week is going to represent a decade of my life so far, I am going to mark and honour events, people and special memories throughout my years.  Each square will have a name, some obvious, some not so much *insert winkey face*!!!  It’s going to be full of fun & love & smiles & giggles & I know that I am going to be remembering some wicked stuff whilst I sit with my hook & yarn!!

I have already purchased my black, purple & turquoise yarn, ready for the Goth years, and tomorrow I shall visit the local ‘yarnary’ for my orange, white & blue yarn…..good old Luton Town FC (did you know they were in the top flight when I started watching them…that the Premiership as it is now…I know, who’d ‘ave thunk it huh???!!!!)

Anyway, to start February, here is a photo of Baby Lala……

Awwwwww……such a sweetie!!!!!

First three squares now done:

These are (L-R):

‘Bunny’ – my first childhood toy….I still have him, and think he started off in these colours.  Now he is reddish grey, tatty, covered in patches & stitches from both my wonderful Nan & Nana.  He is still much, much loved xxx

‘Brownie Lala’ – I was an Imp!!!!  That is all!

‘Nan & Grandad’s Garden’ – there was always so much colour, my Nan was really into her flowers, my Grandad had the BEST veggie patch…..I loved that garden.    These are colours that I associate with it, and with my much loved, and so missed Nan.  A very emotional square……dedicated to two wonderful, loving, amazing Grandparents…..I still miss you everyday xxxx

Nan & Grandad's many summer days, I miss you both xxxxx


I Call it ‘January’…..*smiley face*!!

Well, it’s the 28th January and my first month’s worth of squares is complete & together, what do you think (I needs a bloody good block to square it off, that’s for sure!!):

I have to say I have really enjoyed the first month, managed to keep up/catch up, finally decided how it will develop.  Part of me just can’t wait to see what it’s like in December!!

And so to Feb….

Week 4…The Easy Granny!!

I just wanted something simple, that pulled all my favourite colours together… voilá:

So just need to put them all together now!

Week 3…The Completely Random One

Week 3’s block just kind of feel together…but it sort of works….non????

Pleased with that!

Week 4 will be one, greatbigfuckoff Granny Square, in blues greens and purples…..

I am really chuffed with January, on the whole, here she is so far:

Week 2….Dream Weaver Week

And so week 2’s block is completed.  Four separate Dream Weavers all in differing colourways of Adriafil Knitcol….quite lush, even if I say so myself!!

This looks beautiful… goes on my ever growing list of things to try!!

The Green Dragonfly

Id like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Caity Cat…

Crochet Cat

She’s a pretty little cat who loves to hang out in the garden… hiding amongst the flowers.

Caity Cat Tutorial

To make Caity Cat you will need:

A small amount of coloured yarn and a corresponding hook. Caity was made using DK (8ply) yarn and a 3.5mm hook. The flowers are made using a 3mm hook. Two buttons for eyes.

1. Begin by making the base of the cat. Chain 15, turn and single crochet (sc) into the second chain from the hook and in every stitch across. Chain 1 and turn, sc in every stitch across- repeat until you have a rectangle 8 rows wide.

Crochet Cat

2. You will now be working in rounds. At the end of the seventh row continue around your rectangle working along the short end putting an sc into each stitch…

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Just Perfect!!

I saw this is a book, and thought it was just perfect!

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